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The Odin Project and Github Pages.

Saturday - August 5th 2023

The awkward gap from Feburary to August

So you may have noticed a small... 6 month gap between this post and the last. Where did I go?

Well, I've traveled around Europe, visiting Germany, Austria, Czech, and Italy for a little bit. As well as starting a new job back in May. In all honesty, I just lost motivation for this project.

Mostly it was a concern about keeping the laptop running for a website that I know no one was going to initially visit. I did not want to waste electricity for something like that. However, it all became reignited when I found out about Github Pages.

Github Pages

This wonderful service provided by Github is the saving grace of this project. With it, I no longer need to waste my previous electricity running a page only I was going to look at.

I was amazed how quickly it took me to set up the website, and change the domain name from to!

Reigniting the motivation

With my old job, working for ADT, installing security systems for my customers, I would work long hours, and come home and want nothing but to sit down and play video games, or watch TV, Netflix, or worst of them all, Youtube Rabbit holes.

Now life is simpler working as a telemarketer for a local construction company that is about 10 minutes from my home. Immediately I learned everything I needed to from my manager, and got to working on automating my entire job.

Well... not everything was automated, everything that I could, but I can go more into that in a future post. It's a ... job. That barely pays the bills. I have my wonderful significant other to thank for keeping a roof over our heads.

The text telemarketing department is trying something new, trying to automate setting appointments with its customers. It has been a rocky road with my managers communicating with the software developers, the devs not understanding our business, them trying one thing, their program not working, it was a whole fiasco. But I am here wading through the waters, trying to make it work so in the end, maybe I could get a nice pay check at the end of the day.

The Odin Project

I stumbled upon this website with intentions with learning how to flesh out this website, but have gotten interested in becoming a full stack developer. Will it happen? At the current moment, I am unsure. But I like the idea of learning this skill the website has to teach me, and go ahead and start free lancing. Building a portfolio, and maybe securing another job outside of the telemarketing one I have.

So now I have started the loop again, of picking something up I've started in the past, and trying to push forward a little further than before.

I now have a schedule which I can plan around, and I have been using that to my advantage by using the morning time to exercise, and read up on what I can during my free hours.

As of writing this and publishing this post, I have completed 30% of the foundations course.